Bike Maintenance

bike maintenance

With the appropriate routine bike maintenance, your Trek can easily last for decades, even while adding on continual miles. But do you have all the tools and know-how necessary to do it right, on time, every time? And do you really have the time and desire to handle that? If not, let us handle this important responsibility for you.

Below is a sample list of available bike maintenance services and estimated prices. However, each situation is unique. Please contact Rock n Road Bicycles today to set up a routine maintenance visit for your bike so we can take that burden off your hands and leave you more time and energy for riding – not fixing – your bike.


General Bike Maintenance

Basic Tune-Up Package $50.00
Standard Tune-Up Package $75.00
Major Tune-Up Package $135.00
Major Overhaul Package $150.00
Assemble new geared bicycle $50.00
Assemble new single speed Bicycle $30.00
Assemble/ disassemble shipped bike $50.00
Basic inspection and adjustment $25.00
Assemble kit bike (from scratch) $150.00