Bike Repair

bike repair

Even the highest quality machines break down on occasion. At Rock n Road Bicycles, we want to make sure no mechanical problem keeps you off the road a moment longer than it has to. That’s why we offer fast, reliable, and reasonably priced bike repair services for all.

Below is a current list of available services and price estimates. However, please contact Rock n Road Bicycles directly to discuss your unique bike repair situation so we can better assess your needs.


Install Tire liner $5.00
Install tube/tire off bike $8.00
Install tube/tire on bike $10.00
Mount sew-up w/ glue $25.00


Hub cone adjustment – front $5.00
Hub cone adjustment – rear $8.00
Hub overhaul – 3 speed $50.00
Hub overhaul – coaster brake $20.00
Hub overhaul – front $12.00
Hub overhaul – rear $22.00
Drill presta rim to schrader $10.00
Install / remove cassette or freewheel $10.00
Wheel build $65.00
Major wheel true $25.00
Light wheel true $10.00
Standard wheel true $15.00
Spoke replacement (Front) $15.00
Spoke replacement (Rear) $20.00
Overhaul Internally geared hub $50.00
Clean and lube freewheel $8.00
Clean and lube chain off bike $15.00
Clean and lube chain on bike $10.00
Size chain $1.50
Lube chain $3.00
Install new chain $10.00


Bleed hydraulic disc brake front $20.00
Bleed hydraulic disc brake rear $20.00
Adjust brakes $10.00
Cartridge brake pad install $10.00
Install and bleed hydraulic brake front $30.00
Install and bleed hydraulic brake rear $30.00
Install brakeset front $18.00
Install brakeset rear $18.00
Install cable front Brake $7.00
Install cable rear Brake $12.00
Install mechanical disc brake $20.00
Install mechanical disc brake rear $25.00
Replace Brake Pads – rear (non-hydraulic) $10.00


Adjust Front derailleur $15.00
Adjust Rear derailleur $15.00
Install front derailleur $20.00
Replace derailleur cable and housing front $18.00
Replace derailleur cable and housing rear $18.00
Replace derailleur cable front $18.00
Replace derailleur cable rear $18.00
Install rear derailleur $20.00
Install STI shifter – front (taping and adj) $22.00
Install STI shifter – rear (taping and adj) $22.00
Install rapidfire / gripshift – front $17.00
Install rapidfire / gripshift – rear $17.00
Straighten and align rear dropouts $15.00
Straighten derailleur hanger $8.00


Adjust threaded headset $8.00
Adjust threadless headset $8.00
Cut and thread fork $40.00
Cut threadless fork $20.00
Face fork crown $15.00
Overhaul headset $20.00
Install suspension fork $35.00
Install headset cups on bare frame $10.00
Remove or install crown race $5.00
Straighten fork $50.00
Install headset on complete bike $30.00
Install rigid fork $30.00
Straighten and align fork dropouts $15.00
Install or remove star nut $5.00
Install stem $15.00

Frame Prep

Face bottom bracket shell $20.00
Face head tube $20.00
Hone seat tube $10.00
Ream seat tube $15.00
Tap and face BB shell $30.00
Tap BB shell $20.00
Install frame saver – bare frame $20.00


Bar taping w/ aerobars $20.00
Tape Handlebars $8.00
Install handlebar $20.00
Install bar-ends $5.00
Install BMX bar or stem $15.00
Install grips on flat bar $5.00
Install high rise stem and/or handlebar $40.00


Adjust 1 piece Bottom Bracket $5.00
Adjust 3 piece Bottom Bracket $22.00
Overhaul press-in Bottom Bracket $30.00
Remove crank and Bottom Bracket $10.00
Remove cranks and Bottom Bracket and reinstall $25.00
Remove left crankarm $2.00
Overhaul 1 or 3 piece Bottom Bracket $12.00
Remove right crank arm $2.00
Install press-in Bottom Bracket $30.00
Install right crank arm $1.00
Tap pedal threads in crank $10.00
Install 1 or 3 piece Bottom Bracket $15.00
Install chainrings $8.00
install left crank arm $1.00
Install new 3 piece crank & Bottom Bracket $28.00
Install new cartridge Bottom Bracket $18.00

Miscellaneous bike repair

Installation of Battery in light $2.00
Installation of Computer with cadence $15.00
Installation of Computer w/o cadence $10.00
Installation of Front rack $8.00
Installation of Kickstand $4.00
Installation of Light set $10.00
Installation of Rear rack $8.00
Installation of Saddle $5.00
Installation of shifter-integrated cyclometer $22.00
Replace cyclometer battery and reprogram $5.00