Introducing Trek’s Ride+ Electric Pedal Assist Bikes!

Trek’s Ride+ Electric Pedal Assist bikes offer a whole new dimension for cyclists!

In many years as avid riders, one of the saddest things we’ve seen is people having to slow down, or even stop doing what they love due to the effects of age, disability, or injury. So many of our friends over the years can’t or won’t get out on their bikes like they used to because it hurts their knees or hips too much.

And they miss it like crazy!

Which is why, when we first heard about electric pedal assist bikes (or eBikes), we sported a healthy mix of skepticism – “come on, the bike pedals for you? What fun is that?” – and excitement! We were hopeful that, once the technology matured, it could provide a solution for all those cyclists who’ve had to hang up their wheels thanks to joint or muscle problems over the years.

trek ride+ ebike electric pedal assist bikes

The benefits of electric pedal assist bikes

A recent article in the NY Times offered some great insight into how and why electric bikes can be a great help for those who struggle to ride a standard bicycle with any regularity.

The article sites a study completed by researches at the University of Colorado in Boulder who set out to determine if pedal-assist bikes provide a legitimate workout. Their findings were truly impressive:

  • Volunteers who described themselves as “sedentary” prior to the experiment not only did the prescribed 40 minutes of cycling three times a week, but most went far beyond that because they considered it fun.
  • All the volunteers returned for a check-up after one month and were found to be significantly healthier¬†with “greater aerobic fitness, better blood sugar control, and a trend toward less body fat.”

So, these electric pedal-assist bikes, like Trek’s Ride+ line, are not only easier for those who struggle to ride a standard bike, but they’re also a lot of fun, offer a great workout, and make commuting more realistic (since they require less effort and can move faster than the same rider on a standard bike could go.)

electric pedal assist bikes


electric pedal assist bikes

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This could be just what you’ve been looking for in a new bicycle!

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